Member Benefits

Why Choose Us?

Save time and money… Join Today!

  • North Coast Credit Union (NCCU) offer’s our members all of today’s modern conveniences without the outrageous fees
  • NCCU offers personal, courteous service
  • NCCU has been proudly serving our members for over 50 years
  • NCCU is owned by our members, unlike a bank which is profit driven and owned by its stockholders
  • Community based– Your deposits help fund your neighbors loans
  • Accounts are privately insured up to $250,000

You Have a Choice

North Coast Credit Union is a not for profit financial institution that is owned by our members. People just like you! If you are managing your money and loans at a profit-driven bank or other financial institution, you are probably paying higher fees and interest rates on loans than you should be. Now you have a choice.

We offer low fixed-rate interest rates on all loans, high interest yielding CDs and a variety of savings plans for the entire family. Our sole purpose is to serve our members and their families by providing the best personalized service anywhere.

Membership Eligibility

If you live, work, worship, or attend school  in Cuyahoga County  you are eligible to join the credit union.

Additionally, if you are employed by or associated with one of our Select Employer Groups (SEG), you are eligible to join the credit union.  For information regarding our current SEG’s please contact the credit union.

Debit Master Cards

Money Management and Control

Debit transactions are deducted directly from a checking account and recorded in one place on a monthly statement. This allows cardholders to easily track where every penny is going and better spend within their means.


Debit cards offer better protection than cash or checks.


Debit cards can be used at millions of locations worldwide, and can be used over the phone and on the internet


Debit card transactions are quick and simple, getting you out of the store faster; automatic bill pay via debit eliminates worries about missed payments

Convenience Services

Payroll Deduction

Have a portion of your paycheck deposited into your account and watch your account grow. You can also use it to make a monthly loan payment with us. Whatever the reason, it is easy, painless and the dollar amount deducted can be changed at anytime through your payroll department.

Direct Deposit

What could be easier then having your paycheck or social security check directly deposited into your account? By using direct deposit, you can save time and money instead of having to drive to the credit union to deposit your check. It also takes the worry out of losing your paycheck or worse yet, having it stolen. Go to your payroll department today and get set up with direct deposit and know your money will be right here when you need it. Our ABA Routing Number is: 241076770.

Additional Services

  • Free Notary service to members provided at our Main Office
  • New/Used Blue Book Vehicle Values
  • Quick response time on loan approvals and disbursements
  • Credit life/disability insurance available on all loans